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Tinashe & 6LACK Get Frisky In “Touch & Go”


Tinashe needs love like I need mustard on this hot dog I’m eating right now.

It’s pretty obvious that Tinashe is going through a mid-life crisis right now (Even though she’s only in her early 30s). In the last couple of years, she’s switched her style up a myriad of times, sounding like a natural in some occasions, but also confused in other occasions. In “Touch & Go,” Tinashe switches her style up once again, as on the track, she vulnerably goes back and forth with 6LACK about trying to be understood, held, and listened to. While the song isn’t the most exciting to listen to, it is pretty telling about the kind of lover Tinashe is when she’s in a sitamaction.

Tinashe seems like the type of woman that abuses the hell out of dating apps.




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