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Jahvillani Shines In “Bad Clarks and Blue Jeans”

If you are in need of a quick dancehall fix, “Bad Clarks and Blue Jeans” will give it to you!

Jahvillani is a highly-talented dancehall artist that has a knack for creating infectious music that listeners worldwide tend to adore (His music videos have millions of views combined on YouTube). In “Bad Clarks and Blue Jeans,” ‘Villani continues to showcase his impressive music-making ways by gifting us with an absolute gem that features a great melody, catchy lyrics, and vibes that are nothing less than vibrant.

So what exactly is “Bad Clarks and Blue Jeans” about? Well, the song revolves around all the unique things dancehall stars and deejays see on a weekly basis (We’re talking beautiful women, exuberant fans, and outlandish parties). While such a lifestyle would probably drive me a little crazy, Jahvillani comes across as completely poised on the song, as he smoothly sings his lyrics like an absolute pro.

Make sure you give “Bad Clarks and Blue Jeans” a listen at the top of the page! Trust me, its smoothness is probably good for your health.



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