T-Pain Drops “Think It’s A Game”

Jesus Christ, T-Pain is so f**king gimmicky!

Here’s the thing: I believe T-Pain is a fantastic artist, I just think he plays around too f**king much in his music! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be changing his ways anytime soon, because today, he decided to drop a dumb ass song called “Think It’s A Game.”

“Think It’s A Game” is powered by an instrumental that combines club vibes with Super Mario Brothers sound effects (I Bulls**t you not). Over this instrumental, T-Pain sticks his chest out like Janet, letting the world know he’s this big boss that doesn’t mind flexing on us ’til the cows come home. While Pain’s contributions to this song aren’t god-awful, they are extremely gimmicky.

T-Pain was clearly one of those weird ass kids that went into video game options to listen to sound effects.



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