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Sean Paul Recruits YG For A Remix To “When It Comes To You”

I love how YG has been hopping on random ass pop songs as of late!

The legendary Sean Paul (aka Sean The Paul) is still ticking, folks! After releasing the highly-successful “When It Comes To You” single a few months ago, he decided to drop a remix to it featuring YG today that I think n***as in the bando will enjoy.

“When It Comes To You” is a vibrant pop-reggae song. On it, you get both dance-heavy vibes and heartwarming lyrics that are designed to make women melt. On this remix to the song, YG adds some hood flavor to it, spitting tough ass bars about holding a girl down by being a good sport in several different ways.

N***as in the bando don’t have enough songs they can dance to.



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