“Go Easy On Me” is both honest and full of dance-heavy vibes!

OLGA is a fearless singer/songwriter from Brazil that has superstar written all over her! In “Go Easy On Me,” her latest single, OLGA showcases just how special of an artist she is by dropping a gem that has her passionately talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with being in a relationship with somebody that doesn’t quite understand how to love the right way.

You know what makes “Go Easy On Me” special? Not only does it feature this old school pop instrumental that is hella infectious, but throughout the song, you also get a vocal performance by OLGA that is chilling, riveting, catchy, and spellbinding. It’s almost like the song’s main job is to hypnotize you, and when you snap out of hypnosis, you’ll learn how to treat OLGA like the queen she is.

Next time I’m at a karaoke, I am definitely singing this song!