West of Corey cover (1).jpg

West Of Corey treat us to a gem that does a great job of astonishing listeners with riveting vibes and powerful lyrics.

West Of Corey is a talented band that features a veteran lyricist/producer/bass player in James West Foster, a brilliant guitarist/composer in Corey Birkholz, and a singer in Janine Taft that puts up absolutely stunning vocal performances. The band specializes in everything from rock to blues to metal music, at times even merging the three genres together to create tunes that are truly dynamic. In “Course Of Things To Come,” one of their biggest songs to-date, West Of Corey bless us with a gem that features an instrumental that pulls at heartstrings and encourages head-bopping, a vocal performance that attempts to setup camp in your soul, and lyrics revolving around the importance of understanding the superpowers we all have within.

“Course Of Things To Come” is definitely one of those songs that will remind you how empowering it is to think outside of the box.