Khalid continues to drop hits at a rapid pace!

To be honest with you, I am surprised that Khalid hasn’t received more votes for artist of the year from you guys in our poll. Not only has he dropped a solid album in “Free Spirit,” but a bunch of features he’s been on this year has done great numbers on the billboard charts. With that being said, today, the hit-making singer decided to bless us with yet another gem called “Up All Night,” and on it, he sings daringly and gifts us with old school 90’s Hip-hop/R&B vibes (What else does this n***a have to do to win ya’ll over?).

You’re going to love the fruitfulness Khalid sings with on “Up All Night,” in addition to the rock-solid melody and wise content he gives us on the song. When you combine everything I just mentioned together, what you end up with is yet another track by the 21-year old singer that is destined to do serious numbers!