Gregory Suarez Shines In The Very Heartwarming “Around The World”

Gregory Suarez’s “Around The World” turns frowns upside down!

Don’t you just love a song that can remind you that things can be as easy as a Sunday morning? Well, Gregory Suarez’s “Around The World” is one that does just that! Not only does it take on the same easy-going vibes as “Easy Like Sunday Morning” by Lionel Ritchie, but the song also boasts lyrics about true love rejuvenating souls and warming hearts.

Honestly, music like “Around The World” doesn’t come around often. For this reason alone, I call it a timeless-sounding song. Additionally, I believe the electric guitar-play you get on the instrumental is warming, Gregory’s airy crooning is hypnotizing, and the positive lyrics about the power love has by Gregory is refreshing. All in all, “Around The World” is flawless!

If you are in need of a pick-me-up, “Around The World” is a must-listen!




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