Gual Drops The Exhilarating “Get Down”


“Get Down” has more energy than Exxon!

Gual is a veteran artist/producer that loves to capitalize on high levels of energy whenever he makes music. In “Get Down,” the Miami native’s latest single, he shines by gifting us with music that is vibrant, groovy, and disco-crazy!

I truly believe it is impossible to not like “Get Down.” For starters, the track features an instrumental that electrifies the mind, body and soul through nifty bass lines and infectious percussion synths. Over the instrumental I just mentioned, you get a singing performance that is grandiose, lyrics that are playfully demanding, and vibes that are festive. To make a long story short, “Get Down” is a song that will definitely make you get up!

(WARNING) Before playing “Get Down” on your stereo, make sure your heart can handle music that is full of action-packed vibes.




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