Kai > Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Kai Rose is an artist that can practically do whatever she wants when she makes music. In “Hollow,” her previous single, Rose hit listeners with vocals that are sweeter than Alizé; in “Wake Up,” her latest single, she switches things up, blessing us with a banger that is high-octane, catchy, and hella trill!

“Wake Up” is powered by this playful trap instrumental that I’m sure listeners will love to hop scotch to. Over this instrumental, Kai lets loose, rapping about working hard, playing hard, dismissing haters, and curving weak n***as. While Kai gives us something extremely catchy on the hook to the song, I think it’s her brash/confident demeanor on the mic that catches my attention the most. Hell, she kinda reminded me of the second-coming of Pac on this s**t!

Listen to “Wake Up” at the top of the page! BTW, the video to the song is amazing!