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Stormzy Drops “OWN IT” With Burna Boy & Ed Sheeran

I believe ‘OWN IT’ is going to be a worldwide hit.

Stormzy is prepping to release a brand new album called “Heavy Is The Head” really soon. On it, you can expect bangers (Not sausages), hard-ass raps, and tons of impressive guest features. “OWN IT,” one of the songs I predict to be the biggest on the album, dropped today, and it contains all three things I just mentioned.

“OWN IT” is powered by this exuberant instrumental that does everything in its power to get a non-dancer to shake their ass. Over this instrumental, Stormzy raps hard about falling for a girl who has the body of a stallion, Burna Boy sings melodically about being hypnotized by a girl who has the body of a stallion, and Ed Sheeran croons emotionally about fish and chips (Jk, he talks about needing a girl with the body of a stallion). Together, the three artists give us something so high in energy, even Bernie Sanders may have trouble handling it.

This song raises my blood pressure (In a good way).




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