Aw s**t, The Weeknd went Sailor Moon on us again!

The Weeknd is officially back! Just yesterday, he dropped a single for us called “Heartless” that had him on his heartbreak hip-hop s**t. Today, he decided to return to the music scene with “Blinding Light” — a track that I feel is very similar to his “False Alarm” hit from back in the day.

“Blinding Light” is action-packed, emotional, and as romantic as it gets. Throughout the song, listeners are served with lyrics and vocals by The Weeknd that are passionate, and an instrumental that will remind you of Speed Racer’s theme song. Long story short, I think this song will have quite the impact on the radio, and in clubs that only serve weird-ass beer.

The Weeknd is versatile as s**t! Who else in the game is capable of making a Sailor Moon theme song?