Dejhare sings amazingly, warms souls effortlessly, and makes us dance unstoppably in “Unbreakable.”






“Stand By Me” is one of those tracks that I consider to be slier than the Pink Panther, but also festive. On it, you get a lively vocal performance by Dejhare in which she comes across as frisky, animated and slick. Content-wise, Dejhare does a great job of sounding vulnerable in her lyrics, as throughout, she talks about being lost and seeking support from someone she trusts/cares for.




“Time Is Everything” is powerful, smooth, and pretty motivational. On the track, Dejhare blesses us with airy vocals and wise words, as throughout, she exuberantly preaches the importance of time and how it can heal wounds and make us all stronger.

You know what I love most about “Time Is Everything?” It has a spirit attached to it that is hard to ignore. At the end of the day, you’ll feel the song as much as you hear it.




In “No More Games,” we are treated to a version of Dejhare that is feisty and fed up with her soon to be ex’s lies. Though the track boasts this jaunty instrumental that never lets up in energy, it’s Dejhare’s feverish tone and direct/blunt lyrics that will catch your attention the most.

I just love how personal/vulnerable Dejhare is on this song! To me, she connects with everyone in the world that is dealing with a underwhelming lover.




In “Trust My Love,” Dejhare does it all! Not only does she gift us with a vocal performance that is wide-ranging and electric, but she also does everything in her power to convince us all that she is the kind of lover you would want to hold on tight to.

Overall, I love how “Trust My Love” balances between soulful and pop funky. At times, you’re going to want to close your eyes and let Dejhare hypnotize you with her romantic words; while at other times, you’re going to want to get out of your seat and dance!




I truly believe listeners are gifted with Dejhare’s best singing performance in “Without You.” Personally, I love how she glides through the song getting lost in the passionate/brassy instrumental she is handed, coming across as both tamed and loose in the process. Additionally, I love how Dejhare makes the idea of living without her lover sound as complicated as it gets lyrically.




Every once in a while, an artist that understands how to merge emotional passion with vocal passion comes about; to me, Dejhare is one of those artists! In “Unstoppable,” not a single bit of emotion seems staged, fake or unreal; instead, it seems like we are getting a version of the talented singer that is all the way real!

Overall, “Unbreakable” features instrumentals that are radiant, singing that does everything in its power to touch your soul and subject-matters that make love feel like something you would want, chase, be frustrated by, and adore. In the end of the day, I see no reason to not have a good time listening to this album!