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Teyana Taylor Gets Festive In “We Got Love”

Teyana Taylor is the definition of inspirational on “We Got Love.”

There is nothing better than hearing an artist make music when they are in a good place. Think about it, remember how good it felt to hear Mary J. Blige say she was drama-free on “No More Drama?” Or how ’bout when Jay and Bey sang about their family getting back together in “Family feud;” didn’t that s**t feel wonderful? Well, in “We Got Love,” Teyana Taylor lets the world know that she’s in a good place overall, as, in the song, she talks about love being her gas, prioritizing family, and smashing black stereotypes. While you will love every single word that comes out of Teyana’s mouth on her verses, I think it’s the song’s energy that will catch your attention the most.

Yes, love can fuel you, but can it pay for a burrito at Chipotle?



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