Stereosight Illuminates In “Dreamchasers”

If Stereosight doesn’t reach his dreams, we are all doomed!

Stereosight is a musician that loves to pour his heart out when he makes a song. With that being said, in Dream Chasers, Stereosight’s latest single, he pours his heart out so much, I’m not sure he had any heart juice left by the end of the song…

Dream Chasers is full of passion, fearless singing, great piano-play, and lyrics that are absolutely powerful. From start to finish, Stereosight holds nothing back in the song, as he does his best to convince the world that reaching dreams can come with both satisfaction and regrets. (If a message like that doesn’t strike a chord with you, I don’t know what will)

You know what I love most about Dream Chasers? it gives me old school Elton John/George Michael vibes (Yes, I know exactly what I’m saying).




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