When Drake raps with a UK accent, I usually press skip.

No one wants to say it, but I will: Drake hasn’t been that great of a rapper these last two years. With that being said, in War, he kills s**t!

War is nearly identical to Behind Barz. On the track, you get a mobbin’ ass instrumental and tough ass bars by Drake in which he talks about beefing with no names, his relationship with The Weekend, and his supposed gangsta ways:

And the boy that sound like he sang on Thriller, you know that’s been my nigga
Yeah, we just had to fix things, family, 6ix tings, we can’t split up
As for the rest of the game, I’ll do man dirty, man’ll get two time
To me, that’s just our side, I don’t really care who rides on whose side
Ring ten shots to the poolside, never seen none of these grown men outside

Kudos to Genius!

Personally, I like the tricky ass flow Drake raps with on War. I also like how he can put a UK accent on and start sounding like he’s bout that life.