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Englishman In Berlin Tells A Great Tale In “Walking Backwards”

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Sit back and let “Walking Backwards” soothe your soul!

Unfortunately, songs that make us think about the many different things that are going on in our lives do not dominate the airwaves these days. With that being said, Englishman in Berlin, someone who I consider a bit of an old school singer, reminds us how powerful music like that can sound with the release of Everybody is Walking Backwards.

Everybody is Walking Backwards is quite the listen. For starters, the track features this numbing instrumental that does everything in its power to sober you up. Over this instrumental, Englishman in Berlin sings gingerly about the terrifying idea that a bunch of us don’t understand what’s really going on in our lives.

While Everybody Is Walking Backwards doesn’t feel like a completely depressing tune, it does make me want to watch CNN for the next couple of hours…




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