Kodak Black Releases “Harriet Tubman”

We got a very depressing Christmas gift from Kodak Black today (YAY).

I’m not the biggest fan of rappers that compare themselves to black heroes of the past, but in the case of Kodak Black, I feel like he did s**t right on Harriet Tubman.

In Harriet Tubman, Kodak talks about being a modern-day slave, a messiah to his hood, and a relentless fighter:

Sell a black male to a plantation
Like a slave master sell a black male to a plantation
Bust a lick, right on Plantation
Double back, hit a lick right on Plantation
What happened to salvation?
Sniper Gang, I’m tryna build a foundation
And I’m runnin’ like I’m Harriet Tubman

Kudos To Genius!

Kodak approaches Harriet Tubman with a demeanor that is as calm as the beat that powers the song. (I love it when Kodak raps calmly!)

I would say “Free Kodak,” but that n***a keeps doing stupid s**t when he gets out of jail…



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