Zacc P gifts the world with authentic R&B music in “Body On Body.”





On Insane, you get to hear Zacc P drop some tough ass bars!

Insane is trill, energetic, brash, real, and hard-hitting. In the track, both Zacc P and featured guest JeanPaul rap about ungrateful women that burn bacon, fake when it comes to sex and love to argue (OK, maybe not the burn bacon part).

Personally, I love how Insane flows! Not only is the instrumental attached to the song brisk, but the flows that you get from both artists on their respective verses is as rapid as it gets. (For those of you that love Zacc’s R&B side, you do still get some singing on this track)




Make Love is one of those songs you have to listen to with your eyes closed.

After listening to Make Love, I guarantee you will believe in fairytales again. With the track boasting a serene instrumental that will make you want to pick some flowers, over it, Zacc sings fearlessly about unconditional love and wanting to make love.

You know what I enjoy most about Make Love? It features vibes that practically hypnotize you. After you’re finished listening to the song, I can almost guarantee that you will be somewhere in the clouds.




I think it’s damn-there impossible to hate on an authentic bedroom song. With that being said, Passion is the definition of an authentic bedroom song.

Passion is powered by this smooth ass instrumental that has tons of trap vibes attached to it. Over this instrumental, Zacc sings both soulfully and sensually about passionate sex, lotion rubs, and body touching.

While Zacc gifts us with a great vocal performance on Passion, I think it’s his unadulterated lyrics about his romantic relationship with his chick that strikes a chord with me the most.




In Body On Body, Zacc P sings gleefully about loving on his chick like she was a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

Yes, Zacc throws in a few lyrics about touching on his chick in Body on Body, but for the most part, he’s on some admiration/appreciative s**t in the song. To me, this makes the song feel both pure and refreshing.

I like Body on Body’s romantic vibes, its realness, and its infectious melodies.




Here’s the thing about He Ain’t Me — It’s one of the smoothest songs on Body on Body, but also one of the most riveting ones. With the track boasting this easygoing instrumental, over it, Zacc sings both bluntly and soulfully about turning out chicks that are taken. Though a good chunk of the song feels naughty as s**t, the singing performance Zacc gifts us with on the song is too dynamic/outstanding to ignore.

I knew I couldn’t leave my wife around this dude!


1. PASSION (4.5/5)

2. BODY ON BODY (4.5/5)

3. MR. PERFECT (3/5)

4. HE AIN’T ME (4.5/5)

5. INSANE (4/5)

6. SPEND MY LIFE (4/5)

7. MAKE LOVE (4.5/5)




Zacc P continues to impress me! His knack for making R&B music that is pure, sincere, romantic and soulful is unmatched. With that being said, in Body On Body, the I Like What I like singer blesses us with music that I believe could create a spark in your bedroom.

Let’s get the obvious out the way: Zacc P is a fantastic singer! I like his passion/ability to get engulfed into whatever song he makes, his knack for creating complex melodies, and his willingness to harmonize daringly. When you add Zacc’s vivid lyrics about romance into the equation, what you end up with is music that is way too impactful to pass up on.

Body on Body pushes R&B music to the next level, that is the main reason you should listen to the album.