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Dopeamean Talks His S**t In “Gucci-Bag Shawty”

If you aren’t familiar with Dopeamean, he gives you quite the introduction to who he is on “Gucci-Bag Shawty!”

I’m not going to lie, I love me an authentic trap song! In Blue Faces, Dopeamean’s latest body-of-work, he gifts us with 13-tracks that are full of trap vibes and trill sentiments. Gucci-Bag Shawty, the second track on the project, is one of the trappiest/trillest on the project.

Gucci-Bag Shawty is powered by this grungy trap instrumental that reminds me of some Shawty Redd s**t from back in the day. Over this instrumental, both Dopeamean and Super Kool’in spit tough ass bars about being strapped, sippin’ on dirty sprite, making money and dismissing weak ass hoes.

You know what I love most about Gucci-Bag Shawty? On it, both Dopeamean and Super Kool’in rap effortlessly. On the real, it sounds like the two rappers dropped their verses while being on a jet with some bad b*tches.

Check out Dopeamean’s Blue Faces project here!



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