Alicia Keys Does Some Storytelling In “Underdog”

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A braided Alicia Keys is undefeated!

Can we please appreciate Alicia Keys while she’s still on this earth, guys!? Seriously, right now, she is making some pretty damn good music! Underdog, the New York native’s latest single, is one of her best in a while!

Underdog features an instrumental that is powered by an acoustic guitar and infectious piano chords. It is also powered by this roaring vocal performance by Alicia Keys that has her sounding like a harmonious motivator. But in my opinion, the thing that sticks out the most about Underdog is its content — the song tells the stories of a few individuals that were underrated and overlooked. Since we’ve all been underrated and overlooked by someone in our lives (Ahem, Ahem, car dealers), I’m sure you will be able to relate to the song!

Black don’t crack and beige don’t age!



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