Is Wiz Khalifa calling rappers out?

Though Wiz Khalifa hasn’t been the most popular rapper in the game these last couple of years, his skills have gotten better. With that being said, in Real Rappers Rap, Wiz puts up one of his best rap performances in a while!

Real Rappers Rap is powered by this very soulful instrumental. Over this instrumental, Wiz Khalifa hits us with tough ass bars about everything from rolling up blunts to finding ways to hustle in a world that embraces luxurious n***as:

Remember back when nigga rolled up blunts instead of papers, wasn’t too many haters
Just a couple fools I had problems with
And if I seen ’em, it was a while before I got ’em but at least I copped ’em
Sunk in my seat, rolling up with some wild ones
Putting niggas on, we the ones that you got your style from
I was focused on letting the money pile up
Sending it back yo, this pack ain’t loud enough

Kudos to Genius!

Wiz’s flows on Real Rappers Rap are great, his confidence is astute, and his lyrics are g as f**k!