Is it summertime yet?

Rick Habana is an up-and-coming musician that has the aurora of an absolute veteran. In his first major single, Coast, Habana shines by gifting us with jazzy music that has elements of cheerfulness, sereness, and pure partyness (Yes, partyness is a word)!

As someone who loves music that has good vibes, Coast featuring Rick Habana and Kahill struck a chord with me! Not only does the song boast an instrumental that is as easygoing, yet festive as it gets, but the singing performance that you get from Kahill is soulful, romantic and heartwarming. All in all, While you’re listening to the song, don’t be surprised if you end up with a drink in your hand, a chick by your side, and a pep to your step!

You have to listen to Coast, It will give you the energy you need!