After you listen to Tundra, I guarantee you will feel free.

You know what people forget? That music is a form of art. Yes, at times you should want it to sound like something you can dance to, but you should also want it to sound like a reflection of the artist that makes it, too. To me, Tundra is a song that perfectly describes an individual in GOLDIE that is thought-provoking, fearless, and most importantly, rebellious!

GOLDIE is so much fun to listen to! For starters, the instrumental attached to the song is lively, organic, and truly conglomerate (Kudos to Herman Lo and Goldie). As for Goldie’s performance on the song, it’s as daring as it gets! Throughout, you get melodies from the multi-talented singer that are erratic and lyrics that are elementarily complex (Trust me, that’s not an insult). When you combine all the cool things I just mentioned, what you end up getting is a gem that effortlessly jogs its way to the finish line of your heart.

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