Annabelle blends pop and hip-hop together excellently in XI:XI!

I don’t like to call many artists “the truth,” but when it comes to Annabelle, she’s the truth with cheese in the middle! Not only does she have this uncanny ability to hypnotize listeners with vocals that are spellbinding, but lyrically, she also knows how to make your soul feel something. In XI:XI, Annabelle’s latest body of work, she shines by being vulnerable and provoking head nods.

You know what I love most about XI:XI? It’s soulful, but at the same time, it has its trill ass moments. For example, on a song like “Come Correct,” you get a chance to hear Annabelle sing passionately about overcoming odds over this exhilarating trap instrumental. All in all, the way the Denver/Los Angeles singer is able to force both festive and moody vibes to play nice with one another on this album is fantastic!

There is so much to enjoy about XI:XI, so listen to it below!


“Glass,” “Come Correct,” “Won’t Go Back,” “In My Zone” & “On Me”