Bamis’ rap skills are next level! 

More than likely, Bamis is better than your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Not only is he fantastic lyrically but he is also a genius when it comes to creating dynamic flows. In “Pipe Down [Wait A Minute],” Bamis’ latest single, he shows the world how much of a killer MC he truly is.

“Pipe Down [Wait A Minute]” is powered by this menacing instrumental that might have you hiding under a bed. Over this instrumental, Bamis spits tough-ass bars about putting people in their places, hustling, and smashing the baddest of chicks.

What makes “Pipe Down [Wait A Minute]” amazing is that Bamis hits us with tongue-twisting flows that will have even Porky the Pig feeling f**ked up throughout the song. He also comes across like a dude that’s ready to knock the head off of any rapper that thinks they’re hard (S**t, I may have to send him a rapper hit-list).

Listen to “Pipe Down [Wait A Minute]” at the top of the page. If you like real rap, you will f**k with the song!