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ANGELLiKEFiRE Releases The Fiery “HaLLoWWHoLE”




“HaLLoWWHoLE” will blow your mind.

I am a fan of music that does everything in its power to trip you out; ANGELLiKEFiRE is really good at creating music that does just that! In “HaLLoWWHoLE,” her latest single, the Seattle native gifts us with something that straddles the line between artistic and crazy.

I’m not going to lie, as a horror movie fan, I love “HaLLoWWHoLE!” For starters, I could hear the instrumental to the track being played during a scene in a movie in which a young college student is being chased by a boogeyman. As for ANGELLiKEFiRE, she lets all the way loose on the song, singing fearlessly, wildly, and scarily about… well… I’m not sure. At the end of the day, by the time you finish listening to “HaLLoWWhole,” you’re going to feel like you’ve been possessed by an ANGEL.

It’s not quite Halloween, but “HaLLoWWHoLE” will remind you that the dark holiday isn’t that far from now!



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