Blueface & DaBaby


Blueface & DaBaby try to outdo each other when it comes to recklessness in this song. 

Blueface has a pump-fake that is better than the late great Kobe Bryant. In all seriousness, his new Find The Beat album has been rumored to come out damn-there every week since last October. Well, today, the Compton rapper has decided to drop a single for us titled “Obama” that might indicate that his long-anticipated debut album is on its way!

“Obama” is a very solid song. For starters, I love the instrumental attached to it, as it boasts both jazzy and trap vibes. As for DaBaby and Blueface, they do their thing on their respective verses on the track, with the former actually staying on beat and gifting us with some pretty sly punchlines, and the latter blessing us with a verse that features lots of strong-arming and cockiness. All in all, “Obama” is one of Blueface’s better songs!

Let me find out Blueface is improving as a rapper!