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Tory Lanez Goes Ham In “Broke In A Minute”

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Tory Lanez


Tory Lanez ain’t f**king around on this song!

Tory Lanez is hella talented, but he is also hella arrogant. Typically when he’s on his rapping s**t, you can expect to hear bars from him that are as cocky as it gets. In “Broke A Minute,” Tory’s latest single, the bars are cockier than Trump’s post impeachment trial press conference.

“Broke In A Minute” features this hard-hitting/erratic beat that may cause seizures. Over it, Tory talks big s**t, rapping brashly about his luxurious items, womanizing ways, and knack for shutting down malls. While I f**k with the trillness our 27-year old hero raps with throughout the song, I couldn’t help but notice that he sounds very similar to SmokePurpp at times on it (I’ll get back to you on whether or not I think that’s a compliment).

Love your partner like Tory Lanez loves himself.


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