Mic Strong Lives Life Lavishly In “Vice City”


Mic Strong


Mic Strong can rap his ass off!

Mic Strong is really good at strong-arming beats. Seriously, whenever he hops on a mic, he makes sure to hit listeners with lyrics that are deep and flows that are impregnable. In “Vice City,” Mic’s latest single, he shines bright by being rap’s version of Mike Lowery.

“Vice City” is powered by this jazzy instrumental that reminds me of some s**t you would hear either Rick Ross or Jay-Z rap over. Over the instrumental, Mic proves to the world that he’s on the same level of the two artists I just mentioned by spitting some pretty dynamic bars revolving around the wonders that come with vacationing in a place like Miami.

While I love the topic Mic raps about in “Vice City,” it would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t mention how steady his flows are, how infectious the hook he gives us is, and how wise his lyrics are on the song.

Mic is right, I do need a f**king vacation!



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