The passion you get from AŽ in “The Glow Up” is chilling.

Sometimes I see musicians as superheroes. To me, the level of bravery you gotta have to make a song that makes you come across as vulnerable has to be high. With that being said, AŽ is the latest singer I would consider to be a superhero, and in “The Glow Up,” she shows the world her superpowers!

“The Glow Up” is powered by this explosive instrumental that features exhilarating guitar-play and tons of bass. Over it, AŽ lets loose, singing fearlessly about the confidence she has in herself as a person, a lover, and a glower (Despite what her ex thinks). While I love the vocal performance you get from the New England native throughout the song, I think I love her raw emotions and openness even more!

I find “The Glow Up” to be motivational, replenishing, and very energizing. Make sure you press play on it at the top of the page!