Jalen McMillan

Jalen McMillan releases his highly-anticipated mixtape “Welcome to the Inferno.”

Today, rapper Jalen McMillan released his highly anticipated mixtape Welcome to the Inferno. The new mixtape features elevens songs including recently released “No Cap” (ft DJ PLAE) which currently has 35 million plays on McMillan’s Soundcloud.

Majority of Welcome to the Inferno was mixed and mastered by the production staff at Goldie Sound Productions in Tallahassee, the top-rated studio in the North Florida region. The mixtape also comes with “Inferno” merchandise, which fans can buy exclusively on McMillan’s official website or his YouTube merchandise shelf.

‘’No Cap’ is one of my favorite tracks and I’m thankful it’s doing so well, can’t wait to shoot the video for the fans” says McMillan, who plans on setting up a tour later this year.

In addition to ‘No Cap’, his song ‘Azz Back’ will be included on the project. Azz Back also went viral last year, racking up an impressive 10 million Soundcloud plays and is still gaining momentum daily. The track is produced by Fly Melodies and has an official music video on McMillan’s YouTube which was directed by Dream Above 561. Promotion efforts we’re boosted on Twitter where the hashtag #JalenMcMillan was a trending topic for over 24 hours after the release.

When asked about the rationale behind the name of the project, Jalen indicates, “Inferno comes with new songs in which I rap, sing, and handle the production of each track. I’m 25 now with a family to support & I’m hungrier & hotter than ever! This project is me giving it my all & it’s only the beginning, so welcome to my madness, the Inferno”.

McMillan is coming off a very successful 2019 campaign, which saw him release his project named “Triple Threat” after a 4-year hiatus, launch two clothing lines (which reports say sold out in seconds) & sprinkled on a few major music videos on his YouTube. Jalen fans will be delighted to know that he is already back in the studio & has plans to release a follow-up album in honor of the late Kobe Bryant, who was a major inspiration behind McMillan’s work ethic & lived close by McMillan.