S**t was all good just a week ago (Literally)…

I was very optimistic about Baelani, but ultimately, s**t didn’t work out. Not only has Kehlani announced that she’s single on social media, but today, she has also decided to release a tell-all song called “Valentine’s Day” that practically lets the world know where her relationship with YG went sour.

In “Valentine’s Day,” Kehlani sings soulfully about all of the things she claims YG did to her while they were dating: She brings up unfaithfulness, a lack of loyalty, clout-chasing, and toilet seats being left up (OK, maybe not the toilet seat part). While I like how open the Bay Area rapper gets in the song, I think her ability to make an extremely infectious hit out of her sorrowful feelings is hella impressive!

If Kehlani can get cheated on, then anyone can get cheated on…