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Jadakiss & Pusha-T Link Up For “Huntin Season”

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Jadakiss & Pusha-T


Jadakiss & Pusha-T are two mean muthaf**kas!

Jadakiss & Pusha-T are two out of a few MCs that made me love hip-hop. Not only does their gritty rapping styles resonate with me, but their knack for spitting professional bars definitely keeps me in awe. In “Hunting Season,” the two legends unite, gifting us with a hard-hitting banger that even a f**ked up weight scale won’t take lightly.

“Huntin Season” is powered by this hard-hitting instrumental that damn-there reignited my heartburn. Over it, Jadakiss and Pusha-T trade malicious, punchline-heavy, gangsta, braggadocios, motivational, and competitive bars. While the former hurls out his raps with a consistent flow and a level of raspiness Theraflu can’t fix, the latter blesses us with flows greats like Biggie would use and a level of slyness that is ungodly.

Jadakiss and Pusha-T legit have 20 years of experience in the rap game.

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