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Lil TJay Pays Homage To Pop Smoke In “Forever Pop”


Lil Tjay


R.I.P. Pop Smoke.

Just yesterday, Pop Smoke was killed in a senseless shooting. While a bunch of hip-hop artists has paid homage to the fallen rapper on social media, today, one of his best buddies in Lil TJay decided to dedicate a full song to him called “Forever Pop.”

“Forever Pop” revolves around deep s**t like Pop Smoke’s death and the idea of making it out of the hood unscrapped. What I like about the track is that it isn’t all somber-sounding; instead, it gives off vibes that are pretty vibrant (Tjay does sound a bit whiny on the track, though).

We are losing way too many 20-year-olds these days…

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