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Lil Xan Lives Life Freely In “Wide Awake”


Lil Xan


Lil Xan looks like a zombie.

Lil Xan may be canceled by the hip-hop community, but it hasn’t stopped him from dropping new music. “Wide Awake” is the 23-year-old’s latest single, and on it, he basks in money, women, and drinks.

Lil Xan isn’t the best at dropping bars, but I do admit, I like the fact that he tries out a few different styles of rapping in “Wide Awake.” On the hook to the song, he sings like an inebriated Wiz Khalifa, while on his verses, he switches between trill, nonchalant and gassed up throughout. When it’s all said and done, I applaud Xan for being experimental in his music.

Xan, I think it’s about time you change your rap name… What about using Lil Dozy as your new name?


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