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Omarion Returns With The T-Pain-Assisted “Can You Hear Me”

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Omarion & T-Pain


I wonder if Omarion can still dance his ass off?

Omarion hasn’t been in the news for his music as of late. That sucks, because I believe he is a very solid R&B artist. “Can You Hear Me,” Omarion’s latest single, should remind you of his hit-making ways.

“Can You Hear Me” is a fire! For starters, the beat attached to the track straddles the line between explosive and soothing masterfully. As for both Omarion and T-Pain, in the song, they gift us with contributions that are brash, exhilarating, infectious, melodic, and rapper-like (Who said R&B n***as aren’t cool?).

Put some respect on Omarion’s name!

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