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French Montana & Davido Hop-On Angel’s “Blessings”


Angel, French Montana & Davido


There’s no way in hell (Or in heaven) that a dude named Angel is going to make a bad song.

In March, places like Washington DC start heating up. Well, if the weather is going to start heating up, we’re going to need some music we can shake our asses to, right? Enter “Blessings (Remix).”

“Blessings (Remix)” has nothing but feel-good vibes attached to it. For starters, the instrumental that powers the track is on some colorful Caribbean s**t, which brings out versions of Angel, French Montana and Davido that are sensual, melodic and sly. The song also brings out a version of myself that wants either jerk chicken or Jollof rice!

Ghana Jolloff > Nigerian Jolloff (I’m Nigerian and I think this).

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