Machine Gun Kelly, Young Thug, RJMrLa & Lil Duke


I love it when Machine Gun Kelly is on kill-a-rapper mode.

These last couple of years, Machine Gun Kelly has bounced between rock star and rap star, at times even mixing the two worlds together. Today, he decided to cater strictly to the latter, as, in “Bullets With Names,” he spits like he has a chip on his shoulder.

“Bullets With Names” features hard-hitting production, which I believe brings out rugged versions of Machine Gun Kelly and featured guests Young Thug, RJMrLa and Lil Duke. Don’t get me wrong, you do get some infectious melodies in this song (Particularly from Young Thug), but for the part, it’s all about bars that are meant to scare every single white kid living in suburbia America.

Machine Gun Kelly and Young Thug went on tour with one another last year (I’m assuming that’s how they became so tight).