Trav & Tory Lanez


Trav and Tory Lanez’s chemistry is real.

I know, most people are going to click on this post because the song says it features Tory Lanez, but on the real, I think the effort that you get from Trav on it is pretty good. With that being said, “You Choose” is a dark banger that features a beat that straddles the line between smooth and hard-hitting, a hook and a verse by Trav that is hella trill, and a verse by Tory in which he comes across like a black George Steinbrenner. All in all, if you are a real one, “You Choose” will resonate with you.

Did ya’ll see that fake-ass video of Tory Lanez punching some dude in the face? It looked like some WWE s**t, to me. (Watch it below)