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Nav, Gunna, and Travis Scott Reunite For “Turks”


Nav, Gunna & Travis Scott


The “Yosemite” trio meet again!

“Turks” sounds like “Hot” by Young Thug. Whatever the case may be, I think the song is still solid. On it, not only do you get a robotic-sounding verse by Nav in which he brags about slicing haters up and representing his Canadian hood, but you also get a trill-ass verse by Gunna in which he lets his chopper spray and talks about smashing chicks, plus a melodic verse by Travis Scott in which he welcomes beef and eggs on cocaine users. All in all, I think “Turks” is going to be a joint we end up partying to once we are free to roam the streets again.

I love Nav with all my heart, but I think we need to give him a lie detector test (I don’t believe his hood claims at all).


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