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24hrs & Ty Dolla $ign Link Up For “Superstar”


24hrs & Ty Dolla $ign


Ty Dolla $ign and 24hrs get reckless on “Superstar.”

Once we are free to go outside, I can see myself acting beyond reckless. In the meantime, I get my reckless fix by listening to musicians talk about reckless s**t in their music. With that being said, on “Superstar,” both 24hrs and Ty Dolla $ign come across like horny douche bags that want their women to do something strange for a piece of change.

“Superstar” is powered by this beat that straddles the line between some bass boomin’ and gentle s**t. Over it, Ty Dolla $ign and 24hrs try to out-reckless each other by dropping bars that are vulgar, brash, trill, and gangsta. While the former actually put up a singing performance that is halfway decent on the song, the latter sounds like a malfunctioning computer that is having trouble signing on to a wifi network.

Wait a second, why does 24hrs think he deserves superstar treatment?

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