Alias Wayne


“Gimmie What It’s Worth” is off of Alias Wayne’s “Faux Pas” album.

Alias Wayne is one of those musicians that wears his heart on his sleeve. Throughout the years, he’s dropped music that is lively, electrifying, and even soulful. On his latest single titled “Gimmie What It’s Worth,” Alias plays a gutsy truthteller that teaches the world how to watch out for dangerous situations.

“Gimmie What It’s Worth” is powered by this bluesy instrumental that features a slow tempo and tons of gritty vibes. Over it, Alias sings soberly about the line between freedom and captivity. While every single word that comes out of the Texas singer’s mouth will resonate with you, so will his stirring vocals.

Alias Wayne sounds like Ranzel X Kendrick, to me ;)!