Lil Durk


When Lil Durk gets soulful, he is one of the most intriguing rappers to listen to.

Lil Durk is prepping to release his No Auto album really soon. On it, I expect to hear music that is both raw and melodic. In the meantime, the Chicago rapper decided to drop “All Love” today — an emotional banger that has him bragging his ass off and putting weak ones in their places. Below are some of his words in the song:

It’s all love, I thought it was real
He took a Percocet, wasn’t all tryna pop a pill
Tryna prove a point to pop off first, he ain’t your dawg, for real
I gotta acknowledge that Lamb’ truck ’cause I had a Bonneville
I don’t get mad when the guys tell me no ’cause I know my mama will
Different niggas, they rockin’ Polo, I’m rockin’ Tommy Hil’
Trenches niggas, they’ll drop it all when it’s time to kill

I love the vulnerability Lil Durk shows in his music!