the voice of stillness


Catherine Corona

Catherine Corona’s voice will replenish your soul during these hard times.

Catherine Corona, also known as Ramalla, is known for making therapeutic music. Not only does she have a voice that is capable of warming souls, but she also tends to talk about topics that are beyond powerful. On “The Voice Of Stillness,” Catherine’s latest body of work, she takes soothing music to another level.

“The Voice Of Stillness” is the definition of immaculate. The melodies you hear on it are memorable, the instrumentals you hear on it are lively, the vocals you hear on it are profound, and the lyrics you hear on it are eloquent. If you ask me, the body-of-work would be perfect to listen to if you are performing yoga or meditating.

Listen to “The Voice Of The Stillness” by Catherine Corona (Ramalla) below!