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Bazzi Returns With “Renee’s Song”




Bazzi dedicates “Renee’s Song” to his longtime girlfriend.

“Soul Searching” by Bazzi is an album that I listen to all the time. On it, not only does he gift us with hits but he also shows an uncanny ability to make heartfelt music. Bazzi’s latest single, “Renee’s Song,” falls directly in line with some heartfelt s**t.

“Renee’s Song” features a piano-heavy instrumental that does everything in its power to evoke tears out of you. Over it, Bazzi sings soulfully about wanting to be accompanied by his woman on his journey to paradise. While the song probably won’t get people in the bando hyped up, it will make you want to hold your quarantine partner tight.

Hopefully, I will still be working from home when Bazzi’s new album comes out.

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