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BODA Goes Off On “John Lennon”




BODA shows out on “John Lennon.”

BODA is an up-and-coming rapper that you should pay close attention to. Yes, he can rap his ass off and is more than capable of getting melodic on a song, but it is his flair that stands out the most, to me. On “John Lennon,” BODA’s latest single, he will make you a believer in his style and convince you that your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper really isn’t all that great.

“John Lennon” features this mesmerizing beat that might f**k around and make you dizzy. Over it, BODA lets the world know that he is a beat murderer, a money-maker, a fashion guru, and an alien from another dimension. While you will love how the Nebraska musician raps ruggedly for a good chunk of the song, it is his Travis Scott-like singing that will catch your attention the most.

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