Feed The Folks

Feed The Folks rep the DMV.

Feed The Folks is a music group from the DMV that specializes in passionate hip-hop music. “Easy Like Sunday” and “Stable” are two songs that they are pushing right now, and in my opinion, both are fantastic.

“Easy Like Sunday” will ignite your hustling side. While the song boasts an instrumental that never lets up in exhilarating vibes, the rapping you get on it is instilled with motivational sentiments and melodies that are memorable.

“Stable” is a passionate gem. Not only does it feature a beat that straddles the line between hard-hitting and serene, but you also get a singing performance that is powerful and lyrics that are nothing short of heartwarming on the song. If you are someone who is in a stable relationship, “Stable” will hit you hard.

Make sure you check out Feed the Folks’ music HERE!