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Tory Lanez Lets His Heart Bleed On “Who Needs Love”


Tory Lanez


“The New Toronto 3” is set to release April 10.

Tory Lanez is one of the few musicians that hasn’t let the coronavirus stop his grind. In the last couple of weeks, he’s dropped a myriad of singles and has been pretty active on social media. Tory’s biggest prize of 2020, The New Toronto 3, will release April 10.

“Who Needs Love,” the first single off of The New Toronto 3, features a beat that is both sunny and hard-hitting. Over it, Tory gets emotionally trill. Not only does he ferociously sing-rap about stiff-arming his ex, but he also lets the world know that he doesn’t sweat Ls in the song.

You gotta love Tory Lanez’s work ethic.

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