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Bia Brags Her Ass Off On “Cover Girl”




Bia continues to think she is the best thing since sliced bread in her music.

“Cover Girl” feels like an extension of Russ and Bia’s “BEST ON EARTH” hit. Not only does it feature risque vibes, but you also get to hear Bia swear on her p**sy utilizing a nonchalant style of rapping on the song. Below are some of the things the Puerto Rican rapper says:

I’m not fuckin’ no nigga, if he don’t deserve it
Blew a bag on the pussy ’cause he know I’m worth it (Blew a bag, blew a bag)
Maybeline cover girl for certain
And my body on point, they be like “Who’s your surgeon?” (BIA, BIA)
Turns out, I’m never in a drought
If I’m what these niggas say, I look better in person (BIA, BIA)
I’m already gettin’ used to the lurkin’
Man these bitches can’t stop, they the regular version (Skrr)

Bia intimidates me.



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